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Best Famous Local Street Food in Mathura Vrindavan

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The city of Mathura and Vrindavan is famous as a tourist place. Decide being known for the temples of the city is also known for some famous local street food. Displace is devoid of any kind of non vegetarian food you will find only vegetarian food here. And generally the street food here is devoid of onion and garlic.

The tourists who visit Mathura Vrindavan are very much attracted to its local street food. While returning they also carry large packets of sweets from here.

Some of the best famous local street food in Mathura Vrindavan are –

1. Malpua

This is one of the most famous street foods in Mathura Vrindavan and you can find it at every corner of the city.

It is an Indian desert prepared from flour and soaked in sugar. It is a famous sweet dish of Mathura Vrindavan.


City of Mathura is very famous for rabri. It is one of the favorite delicacies of every tourist who visits this place. It is prepared by heating up milk till it gets condensed.

It is generally served alone or with malpua. Rabri is served in an earthen pot which adds more flavor to it.


Lassi is also known as chanch. It is a delicious drink prepared from milk and flavored with kesar and elaichi generally served in an earthen pot known as kulhad. This lassi is different from what you have had elsewhere.

It is served with a thick layer of malai on the top and garnished with dry fruits and Kesar.

4.Mathura ka Peda

Peda is a very common and famous local street food in Mathura Vrindavan; you can find peda of different shapes and sizes here. Many visitors take large packets of peda while returning as you will never find this type of flavor in peda at any other place.

It is prepared from condensing milk for a very long time and it is rich caramelized for flavor ghee and cardamom is also added.

5. Kachori and jalebi

While being in Mathura don’t miss out having kachori and jalebi at the local street markets of Mathura Vrindavan. The kachori prepared is given flavor of hing and it is drenched in desi ghee.

These kachoris are served with aloo ki sabzi which is a curry prepared from potato and you will also get jalebis sound with kachori and sabzi.

6. Bhalla Papdi

Chaat has always been a favorite street food of every indian. And bhalla papdi is a very famous street food of Mathura Vrindavan.

The  Bhalla Papdi Chaat Recipe also known as dahi puri is a delicious recipe. In this recipe Dahi Vadas are mixed with crunchy papdi and sweet tangy tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney to make a flavorful dish.

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